Victoria’s Story

Why experience and expertise is more important than being a “Specialist Surgeon”. We often explain that reputations, being a specialist (or “board certified” in the US) is not relevant. Asking the % question regarding thinning the palate, removing saccules and tonsils is most helpful. However even when surgeons say they do thinning, saccules and tonsils,…

Dr Bao Truong Visits MBC

In October 2022, Dr Truong  – a BOAS Veterinary Surgeon from NSW, visited Melbourne Bulldog Clinic to get a first hand glimpse at the way in which our Brachycephalic surgeons and nurses assist our patients from their admission to hospital, through to being ready to be discharged and sent home the same day (which remains…

Rocco’s Story

This example is extremely important for all brachycephalic owners as well as veterinarians to take into consideration. Initial surgeons did a basic surgery, nares opening and palate shortening, citing absolutely nothing else could be done upon a poor initial result. Sent to another specialist, they disagreed suggesting the saccules and tonsils should be removed, the nares opened wider than the first surgery, and the palate shortened a lot more and also thinned. This demonstrates the importance of understanding the meaning or a pro-active 5/5 surgeon as opposed to a surgeon that may do all 5 aspects only if really necessary (often synonymous with the fact the don’t really do them). Our own clinic does many revision assessments demonstrating the same problem, a difference of opinion of what does and does not need to be done.

Maxi’s Airway Surgery

Maxi was left very late for airway correction at almost 4 years, but still had huge improvements in vomiting, from almost daily to 90% reduced. Maxi also had huge improvements in energy levels. But he also has stage 2 laryngeal collapse, a narrowing of the larynx that can never be fixed. Fortunately, 5/5 surgery gives the best chance of stopping this progression to stage 3, which is critical. Maxi spent 4 years regurgitating and having significantly less exercise than he could have had as these signs were considered “normal “for a bulldog.

The Two Frenchies Winston and Rylie

Specialists had worked on Winston’s vomiting for 6 months without result before he came to see us. Post BOAS surgery the vomiting was 95% improved. Snoring and exercise noise were also significantlyreduced, and exercise tolerance massively improved. This is a classic example of our recommendations not to bother working up vomiting unless still of concern after airway correction, as it’s almost always related to restricted airways.

Winnie’s Incredible Comeback

Winnie was a classic severe hypoplastic trachea that most surgeons recommend euthanasia. Although the prognosis for severe hypoplastic trachea is poor, with very high risks, Winnie’s owner was keen to try anything if there was a chance. Clearing out as much of her airway restrictions as we could, Winnie came through with flying colours and is leading a very healthy life.