Maxi’s Airway Surgery

Maxi was left very late for airway correction at almost 4 years, but still had huge improvements in vomiting, from almost daily to 90% reduced. Maxi also had huge improvements in energy levels. But he also has stage 2 laryngeal collapse, a narrowing of the larynx that can never be fixed. Fortunately, 5/5 surgery gives the best chance of stopping this progression to stage 3, which is critical. Maxi spent 4 years regurgitating and having significantly less exercise than he could have had as these signs were considered “normal “for a bulldog.

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The Two Frenchies Winston and Rylie

Specialists had worked on Winston’s vomiting for 6 months without result before he came to see us. Post BOAS surgery the vomiting was 95% improved. Snoring and exercise noise were also significantlyreduced, and exercise tolerance massively improved. This is a classic example of our recommendations not to bother working up vomiting unless still of concern after airway correction, as it’s almost always related to restricted airways.

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Winnie’s Incredible Comeback

Winnie was a classic severe hypoplastic trachea that most surgeons recommend euthanasia. Although the prognosis for severe hypoplastic trachea is poor, with very high risks, Winnie’s owner was keen to try anything if there was a chance. Clearing out as much of her airway restrictions as we could, Winnie came through with flying colours and is leading a very healthy life.

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Harry the British Bulldogs Story

Told by the breeder surgery is not needed (almost ubiquitous but very poor advice by most breeders), Harry’s owner noticed huge differences in exercise ability and quality of life post routine airway improvement at desexing at 8 months of age. There were huge reductions in snoring, exercise noise and most importantly, a significant improvement in exercise ability, even though he was considered “normal” by the breeder, and the owner himself. We commonly find people believing their dogs exercise “really well with no concerns at all”, then have twice as much energy post airway maximisation.

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Henri’s Story

Henri is a classic story of across the board improvement in snoring, exercise tolerance and, as we find in so many cases, vomiting. Reduced from weekly to virtually nothing.

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Maggie the Aussie Bulldog

Across the board improvement in snoring, exercise tolerance and especially vomiting, from two times weekly to almost nothing and a doubling of exercise ability, Maggie was left very late in life at 3 years of age rather than 12 months, so was lucky to get such a result.

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Marley the Frenchie’s Story

Marley had early BOAS surgery with little response, then spent a year at specialists trying to work up why he was vomiting. A typical case of why we start by keeping everything simple, Marley had only had 2/5 airway correction, hence we started with a revision 5/5 surgery. He needed all 5 aspects done (and re done) and his improvements across the board were dramatic (including vomiting). His case highlights the option of just doing appropriate 5/5 airway correction before spending 12 months in and out of specialists doing exhaustive tests to try to work out what’s going on.

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Harli the Frenchie’s Revision Surgery

Similar to Marley, Harley had unsuccessful BOAS surgery at a specialists at about two years of age. Revising her palate via further shortening and thinning and deepening the nares, the improvements were significant. Hence revision assessment always remains an option if initial surgery has not given a good result.

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Trevor the Two Year Old Frenchie

With surgery performed at two years of age, Trevor had massive improvements in vomiting. He also enjoyed full nights sleep with no more restlessness, with virtually no snoring and huge improvements in exercise.

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Zena the Bulldog

Having had little improvement from an original BOAS surgery, Zena was so bad she almost didn’t survive a simple sedation. Upon a full revision surgery from Dr Davids, (including palate thinning that was not originally done), Zena was a completely new dog.

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