Melbourne Bulldog Clinic is a group of veterinary clinics privately owned by two experienced veterinarians – Dr Marcus Hayes and Dr Karin Davids. Between them, they have over 30 years of experience and the clinics are run according to their own standards and beliefs.

The associate veterinarians employed at MBC are all experienced and all of them have found a clinic they enjoy working in; resulting in a very low staff turnover rate compared to many other veterinary clinics. This gives you the confidence that when you visit our clinic, you will have health care consistency for the life of your pet.

Our veterinary staff have different areas of interest and expertise so we are able to work together to give the best care possible for your pet/s.

All staff in our practices are of a similar belief that “routine medicine” has become a little excessive in recent times. We are dedicated in explaining to our clients a better way in pet health. Our area of emphasis is in reducing the number of vaccinations and preventative medicines our pets receive; and to encourage pet owners to use more home cooking and less commercial foods.

Our clinic’s policy is to explain to our clients the pro’s and con’s of all aspects of pet health so that you can make your own informed decision/s on what level of care you want your pets to receive. We employ a low drug philosophy and we don’t believe that more drugs means greater health.

With veterinary staff  that enjoy the freedom to work the way they want; clients will not find a more dedicated, caring or professional service. We love the work that we do and the satisfaction that goes along with educating our clients in what is “best pet health”. We encourage all our clients to use a more moderate approach with regards to the use of vaccinations and preventative medicines; and gain great pleasure in offering all options with regards to injury and illness; and not just the most expensive options. We all enjoy being able to bring these services to our clients in a very affordable way.

We welcome you and your pets to Melbourne Bulldog Clinic and Southern Animal Health!